Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Make an Effigy Doll

Simply make a figure of the person you want to use it for, out of either cloth and some kind of stuffing or of wax, you may even choose to carve a figure out of wood or soap. If you have something of theirs on hand, like hair, nail clippings a kleenex they have used, or something to that effect, it is very good but not necessary to have. If you have, either melt the actual item in with the wax or place in the batting. As your making it, repeat the person's name and visualize them, but make very sure you think only of that person while doing it, don't let your mind wander. If you wish to do something to the person's "manhood/womanhood" make sure you make it anatomically correct. Take it out under the full moon and raise the doll to her. say:

Make this doll(person's name)
Whatever I shall doto this doll,
Shall be done tohim/her!!
As I Will, So MoteIt Be!!!!

If using pins or any other sharp object, make sure they are used only for this doll. As you perform what you like to it, feel the emotion you want to have done to this person, be strong in all that you do with it. When you are finished each time with it, place in a wooden box with a lid. I have even used a shoe box, it works just as well just as long as the top closes. When you are completely finished with the doll, bury it under a full moon where it will never be touched again.

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