Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ethical Sacrifice

As most of us already know, there are many kinds and types of sacrifice. What I’m going to cover now is blood/animal sacrifice, done in an ethical manner. As with all of the so-called “darker” practices (or any practice that could easily harm with the slightest mistake) that I write about, I will not cover everything. Those of you who are learned/adept within the practice will already know all this. If you have anything to add, question or comment, please do in a positive manner and not with negativity or malice.

Many will question or immediately frown upon the thought of taking a life, especially one of an animal, for whatever reasons. Personally, I’d rather take one of a human who has done despicable things and who will not learn or will nit change their ways and give back in a positive way, unfortunately, that is not possible. Some think it’s just simply wrong, others because they feel that the animals are innocents and cannot voice their will, or whatever reason. First of all, let us remember that energy (Spirit) can never be destroyed, only to change form. Also that, if you have the ability, one can speak with the animals or at least recognize and feel what they are saying and wish and are not lesser beings. In fact, I feel they are greater beings and respect, honor and love them far more than most humans. I would never take a life for anyone/thing as an “offering”. That is “offensive” not “offering” and pointless to begin with. I am speaking about exchanging the life of one (the mortal flesh) for another who is deserving as long as the one who is giving is well aware of all possible outcomes and who/what it’s for and are still willing.

With that said, let me begin to explain from my personal practice. If one is going to sacrifice, we must discern and decide if the one we are taking is for a good reason. Let me explain. Let’s say, for example, that there is a person, a very good and strong Spirit, who has a fatal/chronic illness or has had some accident. You feel the need to help them and have already “felt” or “sensed “them or have been able to see or feel what they would come to be. You “feel” that if they are healed, they will in turn to help others or All in some way/s or would have a great part in doing the like. You feel drawn to aid in healing them. 
You’ve already attempted to heal them in every other way, yet it has had little impact and they are still fatally/chronically ill. Or, perhaps, there is someone that is barren and will raise a child in much love and respect and that child will grow to be great in their own way to help many others.

For me, I would then draw my circle at my altar, begin the fire and take a few moments for an insect, reptile, arachnid or small animal to offer themselves after I have put the question to them. When one or more show up, I would explain everything to them every detail along with what it actually entails how it should be done, why/what and/or who. I make sure everything is extremely clear and they are in complete agreement. I should add that if one cannot speak with them or comprehend them, it would be unethical to do so as you don’t know if they are willing and it shall not be done against them.

After all is very clear, I may or may not ask for the assistance of one of my daemons who are for that particular thing or one of my angels, depending on the case and severity, to lend me their energy as well or to watch them or to help in the transference, if need be. When all is ready and I feel that it is the proper time, I would entrance giver and when the time is right, help them to leave the flesh, at which time I would take the body and use the residual Spirit/energy of the flesh, draw out the negativity (illness/injurious pain) from the one to be healed and replace with that of the giver. After all is completed, I would lay the body of the giver to rest with respect and honor and speak and thank them. Let me also add, this must be a selfless act and never for personal gain or in any way to harm, if so, and I or others like me find out, there will be retribution, and the doing so would wish that karma had gotten to them first.

Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome, as long as done in a positive way. Blessings!

Amadea O’Sullivan 2/22/2012

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