Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drawing Down The Moon

Drawing Down the Goddess by Me (Amadea O'Sullivan)
There are as many rituals for this as there are ppl who practice it. I totally encourage you to make a ritual that suits you. This is what works for me:

During a full moon, do your preparation. Go outside in a clearing where you can see the moon and draw your circle. Take your athame(or pointed index finger) in your right hand(if right-handed). Sit on your feet in a kneeling position. Raise your hands above you and outward(power position) and say something like:

Oh my sweet moon!
My sweet Dianna!
Goddess of night
And consort bright
Draw down unto me
Your power and wisdom tonight
Your beauty fair
Your light to share
I thank thee for all you bestow upon me
As I will, So mote it be!

Close hands together fingers outstretched, if using athame, have the handle in between your palms. Bring your hands slowly down to your chest still pointing upwards. Feel the power draw into you. Control your breathing, deep and slow. When you feel your "filled up" stand, thank the Goddess and God, close the circle.

*You should perform this in your ceremonial garb(clothes you wear only for majickal works) or naked as you feel comfortable or weather permits. I also wear a crystal orb over my 3rd eye(ajna) as this also increases my psych powers.

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