Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Consecrating a Ritual Item

How do you consecrate a ritual item? I prefer the use of two particular methods of consecration: auric consecration and ritual consecration. Auric consecration is a simple technique that can be used on any object at any time. First, you must relax and achieve a meditative state (this is the way we feel when we daydream, or the feeling that overcomes us prior to falling asleep). Next, visualize yourself surrounded in a sphere of pure white or golden light. Now, hold the object that you wish to consecrate - look at it thoroughly. Feel it with your physical senses.

Close your eyes and let the image of the object appear before you, as if it were being displayed on a screen. First notice any colors that may appear to you; allow any thoughts, feelings or impressions to enter your mind. Does this object feel good or bad to you? Now, visualize the same light or energy that you are surrounded in entering your tool. See all things that existed within your object being wiped clean by this purifying light. I find that it aids in my visualization to move my hand physically across the object while filling it with light.
You have now created a tool with neutral energies; the next step is to make this item yours. Get in touch with your own energies and try to fill yourself with the feeling of unconditional love. This emotion should not be difficult to feel, your tool is willing to devote its life to you! Now, take your energies and see/feel them pour from you into the object, As you do this, state (either mentally or audibly) your purpose to the object and ask it's permission to be used for these reasons. State that this should be according to free will and the good of all. This is auric consecration.

Ritual consecration is a physical technique, which involves passing the new tool through each of the elements. This ritual requires consecrated water, incense (frankincense and myrrh will do nicely), a white candle and a well rested you! Until you have prepared a regular space for ritual, it does not matter where or how you arrange these items; place them in a manner that best suits you. Now visualize yourself and the area in which you are working surrounded by a pure white, or golden light. Try not to leave this area until your ritual is finished.

Consecrated water is usually made and charged by the practitioner, but you may also use water obtained from a holy place. To make your own, you will need spring water or well water; if you must, use water straight from the faucet. You will also need some sea salt, or ordinary table salt. Now, using the techniques contained in the auric consecration, purify the energies of both the salt and the water. Place a few pinches of the salt into the water (the water represents the feminine element and the sea salt, the masculine) and stir it clockwise with your index finger. Pour your energy through your finger into the water, and bless it in the names of the God and Goddess. Some Witches will add rose water to the finished product.

Light the candle and incense - they represent the elements of fire and air, respectively. Attain a meditative state, and then bathe the object in the consecrated water (if this is not possible, simply sprinkle a few drops of the water over your item.). While doing this, speak these words, or simply focus on these thoughts: "I consecrate this (name tool) with the element of water."

Pass the tool over the candle flame and say: "I consecrate this (tool) with the element of fire."

Pass it through the smoke of the incense while saying: "I consecrate this (tool) with the element of air."

Now, stand with your feet firmly planted and let the energies from the earth come up through your body and pass into the object you are consecrating. State: " I consecrate this tool with the element of earth." [Never forget that the body itself is a majickal tool.]

After you have done these things, hold the item high above your head and say: "I consecrate this (tool) in the name of the God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, May you bless and energize this item, so that I may use it in your honor and service, according to free will and good of all, in ways that are most correct and harm none. So mote it be."

Thank the God and Goddess, and each of the elements. You should keep this newly consecrated tool with you for three days and nights. This ritual is best performed on the new moon; your tools may always be "recharged" on the full moon. You may feel free to make this ritual as elaborate and lengthy as you like - simplicity often works best for me.

*Note: There is also another way I consecrate/cleanse/charge an item, especially if it is a gemstone,**doll, talisman, charm or the like.  Take your item, place it on a cloth (cloth the color for the element corresponding to the item) and pour some water over it, which you had earlier in the day collected from a stream or river. If you don't have access to a stream or river then use bottled water that you have left open in the moonlight all night. Feel your energies flowing through you and joining with the water to cleanse the item. Leave it on the cloth and set outside, if you can, in the moonlight overnight where it won't be touched. If you can't put it outside, then in an open window where the moonlight will shine on it for a significant portion of the night. In the morning, take the object; bring it inside your working space. Hold it in your hand and transfer to it the job you wish it to do.

**If your doll is made of cloth, don't do it in this manner. I will state how in that section.

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