Monday, March 12, 2012

Cleansing Your Home & Cleansing Bath/Shower

For a general cleansing you may try this way.

Before you begin the house cleansing, do a house cleaning. Physically clean your house. After you've done this, shower or take a cleansing bath. Meditate to rid yourself of negative energies and to bring positivity into yourself. Now you will be ready to begin.

You will need~
1 white candle and holder for each roomand outer doorway.
the same number of either sage or sandalwood incense as the candles(with burners)
Sandalwood oil(optional)
a bowl with arm water and salt dissolved in it.

As you walk through the house, place 1 candle and 1 stick of incense in each room and another in front of each outer doorway. Walk back through the house, after placing these, clockwise through each room. sprinkle , with your fingertips, the salt water. envision your house being purified as u sprinkle. You may want to chant or think, commandingly, something like:

"Negative energy out!
Positive energy in!
As I Will, So Mote It Be!!"

Or whatever works for you. Be sure u repeat during the entire cleansing. Now, go back through the house and light each candle and incense, letting the burn completely out on their own. Play instrumental music, if you like, throughout the entire process. While the candles and incense is burning, go sit quietly, listening to the music, and envision all the positive energy being drawn into your home. I like to do this about once a month and also keep small dishes of salt and a crystal in each room as well. This way is a bit time intensive, though.


Easy Non-Ritual Method

After you have cleansed your self, take a bundle or a bunch of sandalwood incense or a wrapped bunch or sage leaves, light them. Walk through each room, starting from the east-most room, and going through each room and house in clockwise fashion, fan the smoke away from you into the room, with either your hand or your fan. Say something to the effect such as:

All negative energies be gone!
All positive energies come!

Do this until you have completed the entire house. When you reach the last room, say in a commanding voice:

As I Will, So Mote It Be!

You are done. I suggest to also keep a small open container of some sort in each room along with a crystal, to absorb any negative energy that may reenter the space until you repeat in 30 days. Replace the salt, cleanse and recharge the crystals each cleansing.

Easy Non-Ritual Cleansing Bath & Shower

First, Before doing your house cleansing, take your cleansing bath or shower. With both methods, light some sandalwood or sage incense and place on the floor in the burner. be sure it will be placed where you will be stepping over it betting out of the bath or shower.

To take a cleansing bath, fill the bathtub with water, enough so that when you lay down into it you will be covered. Dissolve either Epsom salts or sea salt as it's filling. **You may wish to put some jasmine, rose,carnation,lotus petals or some musk oil in your water. Immerse yourself in the water, feeling all negative energies leaving your body and the positive healing energies of the water flowing into you. When yo feel all negativity leave you and feel at peace and charged, let the water drain out, negativity going with it, down the drain while you are still in it. When all the water is gone, get out and step over the incense, through the smoke, and feel it purifying you more. Do not dry off. If you can, allow your self to dry with the incense smoke swirling around you.

For a cleansing shower, do the same preparations as above. As the water runs down your body, feel the negative energy wash down from head to feet and away from you. Take in the energies from the fast running water. When you feel empowered and cleansed, shut off the water and pour the contents of the bowl over your head, if you feel a heavy residue, do rinse quickly. Repeat the completion as above.

** For a shower, you may wish to let the petals and salt steep in a bowl or pot for a few minutes until you are ready for your shower.

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