Sunday, October 2, 2011

Energy Vampyrism

To become an energy vampyre is fairly simple, if you know or have the basic elements. First, you must find out what type of energy works best with you, for me it's sexual energy (mostly), anger and healing. It is different for everyone. Firstly, try it out on someone, but only a sip, not much. Some find it easier to start on a small animal. Remember, never drain them, only take the excess energy. You'll be able to tell when you have depleted the excess and begun to take their reserves by how it feels. Not only the feel of the energy itself, but also how much more you have to pull it from them.

Focus on them, feel them, wrap yourself around them, and finally, breathe them into yourself. Feel their energy coursing through you, you may be a bit lightheaded and feel like your body is "wobbling". That's ok, it's normal. Some may also wish to do this where you can't be seen as you may also literally glow/illuminate (like myself). It is basic ally the same as taking energy from an inanimate object, except you are also honing into the persons frequency to bypass their "self".

I choose to have volunteers (willing victims), meaning they give willingly. You must have all (122) chakras aligned and activated for this, in most cases you will be using all of them to feed. Once you have become proficient on an animal, try on a human. It may take a few tries before you completely succeed, and do keep track in writing of each attempt. I do suggest that you take a cleansing bath beforehand and light meditation.

After you have fed, you may want to sit quietly for a few minutes and bask in the exuberance of your feed. You may feel lightheaded, out of sorts, full or energized. Until you get used to how to take, how much to take and how to store and distribute it, you may feel as if time is different. It may seem as if all around you is moving slowly. This is normal, too. Don't worry.

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